Solutions For Ugly Dental Implants

What is an "ugly dental implant?"

For those who have one or more dental implants in the "esthetic zone" (the highly visible, front teeth of the top and/or bottom jaws), appearances are of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, in some cases, a previously installed dental implant may not be providing the smile quality the patient desires. In fact, the result might be, or becomes with time, downright ugly.

Case 1

Ugly Implant Syndrome Case 1a Ugly Implant Syndrome Case 1b

What causes an "ugly dental implant?"

One possible cause for an ugly implant is incorrect placement of the implant. Another reason for cosmetically compromised implant teeth is that the implant may have been placed in an area with insufficient bone and/or gum volume, resulting in the gum and bone receding, and exposing the implant. In either case,

  • The implant becomes partially or fully uncovered, with the base of the restoration and/or the titanium implant showing through the gum or being outside of the gum.
  • The exposed implant metal and its threads become populated with bacterial plaque which is often impossible to remove thoroughly.  This usually creates ongoing Peri-Implantitis (Gum Disease) which can lead to additional gum / bone recession and eventual implant failure.
How does one fix an "ugly dental implant?"

There are several different ways to remedy the problem of an ugly dental implant. Dr. Rose can:

  • Remove the problematic implant, and replace it with a new prosthesis that resists disease and adverse anatomic deteriorations, and allows for a healthy and durable implant-supported crown.
  • Perform plastic surgery to cover an exposed implant with adherent gum tissue and restore a natural appearance.
  • Fabricate a new, esthetic crown to hide small defects or imperfections in a patient’s implant and create an attractive smile.

Case 2

Ugly Implant Syndrome Case 2
Dr. Rose can fix your "ugly dental implant!"

Dr. Karl "Tony" Rose

Dr. Rose has been successfully converting "ugly implants" into beautiful implants and therefore beautiful smiles for 30 years. This has been accomplished by the use of a number of advanced periodontal techniques to repair faulty dental implantations and restorations.

If a dental implant is ruining the esthetics of your smile, contact Dr. Rose’s office today for a consultation. Your ugly implant can be replaced or converted to leave you with the beautiful smile you deserve.

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