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Teeth in a day is a relatively new buzz-word in Implant Dentistry. It is based on the use of dental implants for replacement of missing or to-be-extracted teeth. It is fast becoming a popular marketing phrase that is used to attract potential patients based on its promoted ability to save time and office visits.

At its simplest, "teeth in a day" can mean replacing a single tooth via an implant-supported-crown, in one day. This usually means placing a dental implant and, at the same appointment, providing a temporary (acrylic) crown or bridge that is attached to an implant(s). The plastic crown or bridge is replaced by a more durable, final crown at a later date.

A larger, yet still simple form of such treatment involves converting an entire jaw with few or no teeth to a jaw with a full set of implant supported crowns, bridges or dentures. Usually, the initially placed teeth are temporary and are replaced by the final set of higher quality and more durable teeth at a later date. There are now some practices that are placing pre-made final teeth the same day that the dental implants are placed. Washington DC Periodontist Dr. Karl A. Rose believes that this treatment approach may have some value. However, he has many concerns about this approach and its inappropriate application.

Quality replacement of even one compromised or diseased tooth, not to mention many such teeth, requires establishing health of the gum and bone prior to any type of dental reconstruction or tooth replacement. This concept exists within all medical and dental reconstructive disciplines. Once the disease is eliminated, reconstruction of the gum and bone anatomy follows. Only by reconstructing disease-damaged areas, so that they are like they were prior to the damage, can the best and most natural result be obtained.

Dr. Karl "Tony" Rose

In contrast, the most dangerous and the worst application of the teeth in a day technique is to convert a diseased and/or dysfunctional segment, or an entire jaw to one with implant-supported teeth before the disease and the damage is properly treated. Unless the health of the foundation is first re-established, "teeth in a day" doesn't necessarily equate to a functional, quality result that endures over time. Reasonable implant dentists will acknowledge the risks and problems that occur when the technique is employed in an unwise, expedited way.

Dr. Karl A. Rose and his team at Periodontal & Implant Associates of Greater Washington have and continue to provide patients with "teeth in a day" style services when appropriate. Since our patient's welfare is our number one concern, we do not sacrifice long term predictability in order to save time, money and visits. Through our extensive experience with the entire range of missing teeth replacement treatments and our ability to deliver dental rehabilitations that have stood the test of time, we know how and when to apply the most predictable treatment approach for our patients.

Teeth in a Day Examples

"Teeth in a Day" Case I

Step 1. After all disease had been eliminated, and after the gum and bone anatomy had been reconstructed, the patient was seen for the placement of dental implants.

Step 2. Implants were placed using local anesthetic (Novocaine like) only. The process was completed in two hours via the use of the latest a CT and CAD/CAM computerized implant technology.

Step 3. Following the implant placements, the patient then traveled to his restorative dentist and an acrylic reconstruction was fitted and inserted.

The acrylic teeth that were provided were cemented in place, were firm, comfortable and acted as the prototype for the design and manufacturing of the final porcelain teeth.

It is important not to immediately place the final porcelain teeth so that the gum and bone firmly attach to the implants. If any design changes are needed they are easily made and tested using the temporary teeth. Note how natural the top implant supported teeth appear.

"Teeth in a Day" Case II

Step 1. A dental implant was placed in an area of a missing tooth.

Step 2. On the same day, an acrylic crown was attached to the implant. The acrylic crown was left in place for several months, prior to making the final crown. This allowed the gum and bone healing to be completed before the final crown was placed.

Step 3. Time was allowed to pass so that any gum recession that could have occurred, and would have resulted in an area of metal showing between the gum and the crown, was avoided -- something that no one wants to see in their smile.

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