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What orthodontic solutions are available to adults?

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Many adult patients think that orthodontic treatment is just for teens. However, it is believed that one in five orthodontic patients are actually over the age of 21. Dentistry has seen an increase in adult orthodontic patients as a result of better education in the importance of improving and maintaining oral health. Adult patients want to feel good about their smile, so many of them are seeking out orthodontic care. Dr. Karl A. Rose of Periodontal & Implant Associates of Greater Washington offers many orthodontic solutions to adult patients who’re seeking treatment!

Why Should I Consider Orthodontic Treatment?

Many patients think that orthodontic treatment is entirely for aesthetic purposes. It is true that one of the advantages of receiving orthodontic treatment is having a straighter smile that you’re eager to show off. However, there are also oral health reasons for receiving orthodontic treatment. Misaligned teeth and bites can cause worst dental issues down the road if they’re left untreated. Additionally, it is easier to care for your oral health when you have straighter teeth thanks to the ease of brushing and flossing with straighten teeth over misaligned teeth. Summarized here are the three main reasons you should look into receiving orthodontic treatment.

Oral Health

Straight teeth are easier to keep your oral health up through brushing and flossing.


You’ll no longer have to hold back your smile when it is straightened out through orthodontic treatment!


By receiving orthodontic care, you’ll be preventing long term oral health issues from leaving your mouth untreated as misaligned teeth can cause advanced dental issues.

What are Some Reasons for Needing Orthodontic Treatment?

As discussed above, there are aesthetic reasons to seek orthodontic treatment and there are oral health reasons to get orthodontic treatment. Dr. Karl A. Rose and his team at Periodontal & Implant Associates of Greater Washington will be able to assess whether or not you need orthodontic treatment. If you’re happy with your smile or bite, it is recommended that you seek a dental checkup with us so that we will be able to help answer your questions and address your concerns. Some of the reasons highlighted below are why adults seek orthodontic treatment:


  • A yearning to have a better smile and a healthier mouth.
  • Having crowded or spaced apart teeth. These issues can lead to gum disease and tooth decay if not treated.
  • Outstanding pressure or pain in your jaw as a result of having crooked teeth.
  • An ill-fitting bite or malocclusion that makes your teeth fit incorrectly.

What Adult Orthodontic Solutions are Available?

Many adults have the preconceived notion that orthodontic solutions all involved traditional metal, wire, and bracket braces. While that is an option available to our patients, it is not the only solution out there. Dentistry has seen a variety of orthodontic solutions become available since you were a child. We are able to offer numerous options for appliances and braces to match your situation best. We want to ensure that your adult orthodontic solution is customized to meet your needs, is comfortable to use, and matches your aesthetic preferences. As a result, we offer clear braces, invisible braces, self-ligating braces, and ceramic braces in addition to the standard metal braces.

What is the Difference Between Adult Orthodontics and Juvenile Orthodontics?

Dr. Karl "Tony" Rose

Orthodontics for juveniles differs from adult orthodontics because our jaws are still growing when are a child. As such, the approach to their orthodontic solutions has to keep in mind. Once we are adults, our jaws have stopped growing. As a result, surgery is actually one of the orthodontic solutions available to help align a patient’s jawbones. Here are several other differences between adult orthodontics and juvenile orthodontics:

  • Periodontal disease: adults are more likely to have suffered from or are currently suffering from gum disease. As a result, there can be a greater need for orthodontic treatment among adults as straightened teeth helps to prevent periodontal disease.
  • Missing teeth: it is possible that an adult is missing one or more of their permanent teeth. As a result, this can mess up a patient’s bite. This differs from juvenile orthodontics as children often still have their baby teeth or have just gotten their adult teeth.
  • Incomplete orthodontic treatment: adult orthodontics can differ from juvenile orthodontics because adult orthodontics might be finishing the incomplete treatment plan that the patient was undergoing as a child. Many adults finish the orthodontic treatments that were started, but never finished for them.

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Periodontal and Implant Associates of Greater Washington is capable of providing numerous solutions for adults in need of orthodontics. Orthodontic treatment is important because it allows for patients to have healthy and straight teeth, personal confidence in smiling, and untreated orthodontic concerns can cause significant oral health issues as they worsen. If you would like to make an appointment for a dental checkup or an adult orthodontic solution, you can schedule one today! Dr. Rose and Periodontal and Implant Associates of Greater Washington is proud to serve the greater Washington DC area for all their dental and orthodontic needs.