Ryan Martin's Dental Implant Story

A note from Dr. Rose:

Ryan MartinDr. Ryan Martin, who generously granted his permission to share his story, was a small child when it was discovered that he would never develop a number of his baby and permanent teeth. The adult teeth that did come in were mal-formed, grew in at strange positions, and were abnormally angled. Ryan had trouble eating as a young man and was reluctant to smile because he was embarrassed. It is not hard to imagine the emotional distress this caused him in those important years, and would cause him in the future.

His father and mother brought him to see me. I consulted with my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Starr, who is an excellent advanced restorative and reconstructive specialty dentist (prosthodontist). Together, we developed a complex plan of treatment for Ryan that included orthodontics, periodontics, dental implants, and reconstructive dentistry. Dr. Edwardo Gerlein provided the orthodontic expertise for Ryan's treatment.

Although the treatment plan was complex, we were able to create a beautiful and fully-functioning set of teeth for Ryan just prior to his undergraduate college education.

Ryan completed college, attended medical school, and is currently in the middle of his training as a emergency room physician.

Ryan's mother recently wrote to me to share his story (her letter is below). I am grateful and pleased to hear about Ryan's successes, and happy to be able to share it with you. As his mother says below, "just look at that smile!"

Thank you, Ryan and Marlaine, for your permission to share this amazing story about how implant dentistry can truly change a life!

-Dr. Karl "Tony" Rose


To:  Neil Starr, DDS
   Karl Tony Rose, DDS
   Eduardo Gerlein, DDS


Dear Doctors,

I wanted to share with you Ryan’s progress and impressions your work made on his life. He called me the other day to share with me comments made to him by a dentist he is seeing in San Francisco. I haven’t got the exact wording but what this professional said was a wonderful compliment regarding the results of your joined approach to providing him with not only a complete set of teeth but a masterpiece of reconstructive work. This professional said he would never forget Ryan’s mouth. It was impressive. Ryan proceeded to thank Dale and myself for giving him this gift, my response was that we had a great kid to work with and wanted to provide him with the tools needed to be successful in life. He is doing just that. Ryan will be finishing up his third year of a medical residency at UCSF in Emergency Medicine; he has a wonderful little girlfriend, and is successful interacting with people both socially and professionally. His comment to me was that he accepted what had to be done back when he was a child but never realized how important and complex the expertise was needed to accomplish this goal. Maybe I didn’t completely realize this either, but I did the best I could to find the right professionals and you all were it. So thanks again, I hope positive feedback will be a bright spot in your day, for such a difficult situation our case represented.

He also said to me one of the things he had to learn to do after all was complete, was learn to smile again. Well we are all smiling now. My mothers’ comment, rest her soul, was always, “Good thing you only had one child.” Think, I would have scrubbed floors to provide for two if I had to do it twice.

So, thanks again, wishing you all continued success in dentistry. If you ever find yourself in an emergency room in San Francisco, hopefully not, you might see a familiar face looking back at you. The photo I shared was his residency application photo from 2016. Look at that smile!!!!!!


Marlaine Martin