Osseous Gum Surgery for Washington DC, Chevy Chase MD, and Bethesda MD

Advanced treatment for gum disease

Flap surgery, or pocket reduction surgery has long been the standard for dealing with moderate to serious periodontal disease. Periodontist Dr. Karl A. Rose is also adept with LANAP - laser gum treatment, which has many advantages. But he has found that for some patients, pocket reduction surgery with bone re-contouring, also called osseous surgery, is the best choice for treatment of gum disease.

Pocket Reduction Surgery with bone re-contouring

Dr. Rose first measures the depths of your periodontal pockets - gaps between your teeth and gums where disease-causing bacteria can thrive. If your periodontal disease is too advanced for other treatment options to deal with effectively, or other treatments have failed to control the disease, he may recommend osseous surgery.

During the surgery, Dr. Rose will carefully make incisions in the gums and fold them back, exposing the tooth roots and supporting bone. He will then remove plaque and calculus build-up on the roots and smooth the uneven surfaces of bone that harbor bacteria. This creates a healthy environment for the gums to reattach to the bone and teeth. Next, he'll remove inflamed gum tissue to eliminate the pockets. This allows the patient better access for brushing at the base of the teeth, which will help avoid future infection. Finally, Dr. Rose will reattach the gum tissue and stitch them up to begin the healing process.


Pros and cons of osseous surgery

Dr. Rose calls osseous surgery the most definitive path to periodontal health for patients with moderate to advanced gum disease, as long as the patient follows through with an effective, long term dental hygiene routine. As with all medical procedures, there are pros and cons. For some patients, LANAP may be a better option.

Advantages of osseous surgery over LANAP

  • Currently the most powerful treatment for advanced periodontal disease
  • Gives the periodontist better access for deep cleaning
  • Allows patients to brush areas that had been inaccessible
  • With good oral hygiene, gives the best chance of avoiding future infection

Disadvantages of osseous surgery compared to LANAP

  • Creates tooth sensitivity
  • Causes teeth to appear longer
  • Extended, more difficult recovery
  • Some pockets can only be treated with LANAP


Is pocket reduction surgery right for you?

Dr. Karl "Tony" Rose

Because osseous surgery and LANAP are each better suited for certain circumstances, Dr. Rose examines each patient thoroughly before he can say which treatment option will bring the best results. The first step for you is to schedule an appointment at his Chevy Chase, MD office for a consultation. He'll carefully examine your teeth and gums before recommending a treatment. He'll then take the time to explain each treatment option and answer any questions you might have. When he believes either procedure will successfully treat the gum disease, Dr. Rose typically favors LANAP for it's advantages in patient comfort.

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If you have signs of periodontal disease, don't wait any longer to seek treatment. Very little time could be the difference between keeping your teeth and losing them. Dr. Rose specializes in eliminating periodontal disease and saving teeth. He has mastered the most advanced techniques including osseous surgery and LANAP and he has the discipline and experience to match each patient's needs with the right treatment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for world-class periodontal care.