The Mouth-Body Connection

Is my oral health related to my general health?

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Maintaining your dental health is about more than just having a nice smile. Your oral health is tied to the health and well being of the rest of your body, and even your emotional wellness. The connection between mouth and body is so strong that any investment you make in the health of your teeth and gums will ultimately affect the rest of your body.

At Periodontal and Implant Associates of Greater Washington, we want to help you stay healthy by maintaining a decay- and disease-free mouth. Our commitment to you means that we will work to help you understand your oral health and how to improve it, thus improving your overall health.

Oral Health and Systemic Disease

Disease and decay that starts in your mouth can lead to problems that affect your entire body. These problems are serious, and many of them can even affect your life expectancy. For example, heart disease, premature birth, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and the onset of dementia have all been linked to either gum disease or tooth decay. However, if you care for your teeth and gums, you can actually lower your chances of developing these dangerous and debilitating systemic diseases.

Additionally, preventive care for your mouth can also be considered preventive care for your entire body. Many diseases present with early symptoms in the mouth. Leukemia, oral and pancreatic cancer, heart and kidney disease, and diabetes all have early oral manifestations. Bad breath, swollen/bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, or dry mouth can be a sign that there is disease developing in another part of your body. Visiting our officet is important because we might be the first to know that you have a serious medical condition. If you catch the condition early, you raise your chances of successfully beating the disease.

Oral Health and Nutrition

Nutrition, oral health, and overall health are all interrelated. First, when you have healthy teeth and gums, it is easier for your body to absorb the nutrients you need to stay healthy. Moreover, the habits that are good for you teeth are also the habits that will benefit your entire body. Avoiding sugar, for example, can reduce the chances of decay in your mouth, but it can also drastically reduce your daily caloric intake and help your entire body to feel more healthy. Eating foods that are good for your teeth, like foods with a high mineral content, will give your body the nutrients it needs to function and also reduce the number of dental problems you experience. By and large, paying attention to your oral health will lead to a greater awareness of your overall health and nutrition.

Oral Health and Emotional Well-Being

In today’s society, the appearance of your teeth affects the first impressions people will form about you. Having a healthy, clean, and beautiful smile sends a positive message about who you are. Thus, good oral health can often affect your confidence and emotional well-being, which will also affect how people perceive you. In fact, smiling itself can help to raise your mood, but you’re not likely to smile if you feel ashamed of your teeth or uncomfortable with your mouth’s appearance. You can improve your wellness and your quality of life simply by caring for the health and appearance of your teeth.

Dr. Karl "Tony" Rose

No matter the condition of your oral health today, we can help you to improve your smile. Schedule an appointment with Periodontist Dr. Rose today. The sooner you start to work toward a healthier smile, the sooner you'll achieve a healthier life.

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