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Washington DC Periodontist Dr. Karl A. RosePeriodontal and Implant Associates of Greater Washington provide patients with the highest level of quality care. We are committed to giving each patient dental care that they can trust and feel confident about. We offer periodontal services and dental implants from periodontists who are establish in the industry and have even led the discovery of periodontal procedures.

Our office is only one block from the Friendship Heights Metro Station. With such a convenient location, people from all over the Washington DC area can make it to our office easily from the subway station.

We do our best to give each of our patients a high level of care that is customized to meet their individual needs and address their dental issues. We know that each person is different, and a one size fits all model just does not work. We use tried and tested procedures in the areas of periodontics and dental implants but make sure to individualize care regimens for each patient. We have many services related to dental implants, gum disease treatments, periodontics, and much more.

Periodontist Dr. Rose has many years of experience in these fields. This means you can expect high quality care and professionalism. He has performed these procedures many times, and is committed to providing accurate periodontal treatment plans.

We Provide a High Level of Care

We want to make sure that our patients feel taken care of and valued when they come to our office. Our staff focuses on providing a high level of customer service and professionalism. We know it is important for patients to feel cared about and that their problems are addressed. Everyone in our office is going to try their best to give you a good experience when you come to see us. Dr. Rose will listen to your individual needs and what your dental problems are to give you the care you have always wanted. You will feel respected when you are with us. Also, Dr. Rose is experienced in providing all kinds of dental implant and periodontal services.

Dental Implants

 We have dental implant services for potential patients in the Washington DC area. Dental implants are used to provide a foundation for artificial teeth. They make a great option for creating strong, replacement teeth that will function like real teeth.

Dental implants are metal anchors placed in the gums to function as replacement roots. These implants are placed in the jawbone through a surgical procedure and small posts are then attached to the implants. The posts will protrude slightly and are where the replacement teeth are attached. This makes a great method for creating strong, stable artificial teeth.
Dr. Rose has been trained in the field of Implant Dentistry for many years. They have been practicing since 1986, for over 30 years. This means they have performed these procedures many times and can provide a high level of care. Also, they keep current on dental implants and remain invested on the cutting edge procedures in the industry. 
Dr. Rose has plenty of experience performing teeth extraction and bone reconstruction. These procedures are needed to prepare dental implants for insertion. Dr Rose is instrumental in creating world-recognized bone reconstruction procedures.

Periodontal Services

Dr. Karl "Tony" Rose

We also offer many periodontal procedures. We have been performing these procedures routinely for many years. We pride ourselves on taking a conservative approach to periodontal therapy. We focus on preventive measures and gum disease treatment through nonsurgical methods as opposed invasive surgery.
With us, you will get patient centered care that is individualized to you. We will create a preventive program that matches your individuals needs and involves things like teeth cleaning and regular exams. We also have programs to monitor and fix issues like teeth position changes and gum recession treatment.

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