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Periodontist Dr. Karl A. RoseSince Dr. Rose created Periodontal & Implant Associates of Greater Washington, also called PIAGW, he has been laser-focused on creating a practice that is dedicated to helping people to eliminate periodontal disease and restore their smiles to their original beauty. Conveniently located in Chevy Chase, MD, Dr. Rose sees patients from all over Montgomery County, including Arlington, VA and Washington D.C.

For more than 37 years, Dr. Rose has been offering a variety of surgical and non-surgical services to his patients, helping them to with everything from advanced periodontal disease to full smile restorations. As a true leader in the field of periodontics, Dr. Rose lectures extensively across the globe each year and helps budding periodontists to learn their craft by teaching at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in his free time. Dedicated to keeping his practice current and comfortable for patients, Dr. Rose also attends multiple continuing education courses every year to bring his patients the best new techniques and technologies.

Dental Implants

As a certified periodontist, one of Dr. Rose’s specialties is the placement and maintenance of dental implants. Dental implants, which are surgically implanted into your jawbone tissue with small titanium posts, provide a stable and attractive solution to tooth loss. In addition to looking and feeling completely natural, dental implants offer a wide range of proven benefits, including halting bone loss, protecting the surrounding teeth, and maintaining your face shape.

Implant dentistry is a passion for Dr. Rose and he has been placing implants successfully since 1986. In fact, he developed bone reconstruction procedures that are used worldwide. Unlike general dentists, who may place dental implants periodically, Dr. Rose focuses on dental implants each and every day, bringing another level of experience to his valued patients. Periodontal & Implant Associates of Greater Washington has an extremely high success rate when it comes to the placement and maintenance of dental implants, with successful surgery rates hovering around 100%.

When you meet with Dr. Rose to discuss your oral health and smile, the first step he will take is giving you a very careful comprehensive periodontal exam. The purpose of this exam is to see if you are a candidate for dental implants, and which prerequisite procedures need to be performed to improve the outcome of your smile restoration. Each and every patient receives a customized treatment plan completely personalized for their smile, and Dr. Rose is more than happy to talk with you about things like timeline, budget, insurance coverage, and the healing process. Because some dental implant placements involve multiple procedures, the entire PAIGW team is dedicated to helping you throughout the process, answering any questions you might have, and keeping you comfortable along the way.

Periodontal Services

As patient-centered periodontists, Dr. Rose focuses on conservative periodontal therapy. Patients are never pressured into receiving treatments they don’t need, and many early periodontal problems can be treated with non-surgical options. Throughout the periodontal restoration process, patients will receive case-specific cleanings, X-rays, and instructions for at-home care.

Conservative treatments also help patients to save money and limit recovery time from surgical procedures. Because many periodontal problems can be completely reversed with simple changes in your at-home dental hygiene routine, the doctors are more than happy to talk with you about things like proper brushing, flossing, and the importance of frequent dental cleanings. However, when more advanced treatments are necessary, Dr. Rose has the tools and experience necessary to restore your oral health.

Periodontal Procedures Offered 

Non-Surgical Treatment

If you have early periodontal disease, your condition may be treated by non-surgical procedures such as antibiotic treatment, at-home mouth washes, lifestyle changes, or a professional deep-cleaning. 

Pocket Reduction Surgery

Some patients also require pocket reduction surgery, which is where Dr. Rose gently lifts away the gum tissue from the teeth to clean the dental surfaces below the gumline. Before pocket reduction surgery, the mouth is carefully numbed, like before you receive a dental filling. During pocket reduction surgery, Dr. Rose also focus on removing dead or diseased tissue, helping the gingival pockets to shrink and heal.

Dr. Karl "Tony" Rose


For more advanced cases of periodontal disease, LANAP, which stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, can help. During LANAP, a small periodontal laser probe is inserted into the gingival pockets. This special laser tool emits a wavelength of light that is absorbed by diseased tissue and bacteria while shining through dental enamel and healthy gum tissue. The result is clean, sanitized gingival pockets free of diseased tissue. LANAP is minimally invasive, fast, and incredibly effective.

Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Rose also offers a wide range of restorative dentistry techniques to help you to rebuild a smile that has been ravaged by years of decay or periodontal disease. From dental implants and cosmetic bonding to veneers and inlays, our team can help your smile to look better than ever before.

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