LANAP for Washington DC, Chevy Chase MD, and Bethesda MD

Laser gum treatment is a modern approach to address gum disease that allows periodontists to remove only diseased tissue without removing or damaging any of the healthy tissue. Dr. Karl A. Rose and his team at Periodontal & Implant Associates of Greater Washington are dedicated to using non-surgical treatment options whenever possible give patients the best results without a lot of pain or lengthy healing times.

Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, or LANAP (as it is more commonly called), is the only laser gum treatment approved by the FDA for gum disease treatment. Unlike old methods for treating moderate and advanced periodontal disease, LANAP does not require cutting or stitching to treat the infection. It removes only diseased tissue without harming healthy tissue. For most patients, LANAP is the best option for treating gum disease. Dr. Rose is proud to be one of just a few periodontists in Washington DC to offer this advanced procedure to his patients.

What is LANAP?

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Benefits of LANAP

Fear of the discomfort associated with more traditional methods for treatment keeps many of the almost 66% of Americans who have some type of gum disease from seeking treatment. LANAP, as with other laser dentistry procedures, enables treatment that is just as effective and even more beneficial for the patient in terms of healing times and results. Here are a few of the benefits of LANAP over traditional gum surgery:

  • No cutting or stitching means minimal pain after the procedure
  • Shorter recovery time
  • The whole mouth can be completed in just two appointments
  • The laser targets bacteria so less tissue needs to be removed
  • The laser immediately clots the blood to prevent new bacteria growth and speed up healing
  • Typically less expensive than invasive cut-and-stitch methods

With LANAP, in two treatments your periodontal disease can be eliminated allowing gum and bone tissues to regenerate. Laser gum treatment will also diminish your risk of other serious health problems associated with gum disease including loss of teeth, heart disease, stroke, respiratory problems, diabetes, and others.

The LANAP Process

Dr. Karl "Tony" Rose

Laser treatment is usually completed over a couple of two-hour visits to our office. (Traditional surgery requires four sessions of about one hour each, with subsequent visits for removing sutures.)

  1. Dr. Rose will begin by measuring the pocket depth between each tooth and the gum tissue to determine the extent of the infection and whether LANAP is sufficient to treat the problem.
  2. The light emitted by a fiber-optic tip of the PerioLase laser selectively removes harmful bacteria and diseased tissue from the pocket by physically interacting with the bacteria and killing it by the absorption of laser energy.
  3. Ultrasonic scalers as small as the laser are inserted into the pocket and use sound waves to break up hardened tartar and other debris from the surface of the tooth.
  4. Dr. Rose again inserts the laser to remove any remaining diseased tissue at the bottom of the pocket. This last pass of the laser sterilizes the tissues and prepares the root surface to enable healthy gum attachment and aids in sealing the pocket closed.
  5. The recovery is virtually pain-free and bloodless. Most of our patients find their recovery period to be less than 24 hours. Many say they can return to work the same day.

If you have been told that you have gum disease and need periodontal surgery, there is an alternative. Contact us at Periodontal & Implant Associates of Greater Washington to schedule a consultation and learn more about LANAP and if this solution is right for you. We can examine and treat your gum disease right here in our Chevy Chase, MD office.