Finding the Best Periodontist for Washington DC, Chevy Chase MD, and Bethesda MD

Periodontists are dental specialists who focus on the health of the gums and other tissues surrounding the teeth. Though they are required to complete additional schooling to qualify for the title, not all periodontists are equal. As you look for the best periodontist in Washington DC, here are a few questions to ask to narrow the field by some of the most important factors.

Do they offer the most advanced procedures?

There is a range of treatment options for issues like gum recession and periodontal pockets. The newest and most advanced developments in technology are designed to improve results of treatment while causing less pain and downtime for the patient - for example, LANAP laser gum treatment to resolve gum disease or the use of 3D imaging to prepare for dental implant placement. Some of these treatments are so new, many periodontists still haven't been trained on them. When you're searching for a periodontist look for one who is up on the latest technology and procedures and who has put in the time to become adept with them.

What are other patients saying about them?

Read the periodontist’s patient reviews on sites such as Google to see what kind of experience others have had in their office. Though you should always look critically at reviews since you don't know what might have been influencing the reviewer, this can help you get a general idea of how you might be treated at that office, as well as information about the periodontist’s strengths and weaknesses. Finding out who other's think is the best periodontist in your area is a good way to narrow your search.

During the first visit, are you able to establish a good rapport with the doctor and staff?

Some things you can't know until you actually visit the office. When you visit any medical office, you should be treated well by office staff. They should always be kind and courteous to you from the start, and throughout your visit. This will give you an idea how you'll be treated after you have become an established patient. Additionally, pay attention to how well they handle insurance coding. Do you have to make phone calls to your carrier to make sure your treatment is covered, or does the office take care of that hassle so you don't have to worry about it?

How respectful is the periodontist when informing you about your prognosis and treatment options?

Dr. Karl "Tony" Rose

Communication between the patient and the medical professional is vital to a healing relationship. Is the periodontist willing to take the time to listen to your concerns and respectfully answer questions about your prognosis and treatment options? It's important for medical practitioners to be confident about their diagnoses, but without talking down to their patients. At the end of your visit, does the periodontist understand that though he or she is the expert, you will make the final decision about your health care?

Put Dr. Rose to the Test

Dr. Karl A. Rose has been practicing periodontology in the Washington, DC area for more than 35 years. And he has spent his career striving for excellence in his field. Dr. Rose offers the latest and most advanced procedures to his patients, and teaches these techniques to other periodontists at some of the foremost schools in the country. Many of Dr. Rose's patients would say he is the best periodontist in Washington, DC and have said so in online reviews. Our office staff, too, is well-liked an praised in reviews as competent, efficient, and pleasant. At Periodontal & Implant Associate of Greater Washington we are committed to living up to this praise. If you are looking for one of the best periodontists in the area, we invite you to investigate Dr. Rose and his team. Contact us today for a consultation.