Get a Second Opinion from an Experienced Washington DC Periodontist

Choosing who to trust for your medical and dental care can be a difficult process. Sometimes your dentist’s proffered diagnosis and suggested treatment plan may not make sense to you, and you feel that you simply can’t commit to an expensive and time consuming series of procedures without more information.

If you have unanswered questions about your current dental diagnosis and the treatment being suggested to you, a second opinion can help clear up confusion. Dr. Karl A. Rose has spent decades studying, practicing and teaching dentistry, and is the ideal Washington, DC Periodontist to review your dental records and evaluate if the treatment you have been offered is appropriate.

Dr. Tony Rose, a respected and experienced periodontist, is offering a well-considered second opinion.


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Who Needs a Second Opinion?

If you are a dental patient who:

  • has been told “You need significant dental work!”
  • has been advised that you should receive dental implants
  • has been informed you require periodontal surgery or therapy
  • has been given a dental treatment plan that scares or overwhelms you
  • is seeking a second opinion just as you would from any other medical professional
… then you are an excellent candidate for Dr. Karl A. Rose’s second opinion.


What to Bring to Our Office

When you make an appointment with Periodontist Dr. Rose for your consultation, you’ll be asked to bring your current dental records, any x-rays taken within the last year, a copy of your CT scan (if you have one), intraoral photographs, and the advised treatment plan.

If you don’t have the diagnostic and treatment information with you, the information is outdated or incomplete, or you haven’t had a CT scan and one is required for proper diagnosis, Dr. Rose may recommend further diagnostic procedures in order to arrive at a clear diagnosis. Please be aware, these types of diagnostic procedures may incur costs. If needed, you can discuss your options with our administrative team.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

When you arrive, you’ll be graciously checked in by our front office staff and made comfortable while your information is put together and the file delivered to Dr. Rose. (We suggest arriving 10-15 minutes early.)

You’ll meet with Dr. Rose personally for your consultation. He will review all of your documents, scans, and images, and your existing treatment plan, then perform a quick visual exam to confirm the information provided. If the case is straightforward, Dr. Rose may be able to quickly approve the suggested course of treatment, or discuss possible alternatives.

However, you may or may not be given a complete answer the same day. If your case is complex, Dr. Rose may take a few days to further review and research your condition, and consider all potential treatment options before presenting you with his recommendations for your future care. We won’t perform any treatment at your consultation (with the exception of approved diagnostic procedures).

Dr. Karl "Tony" Rose

Why Choose Dr. Rose?

Dr. Tony Rose is an in-demand dental expert who has taught Periodontics, Implant Dentistry, Adult Orthodontics, Restorative Dentistry, and Periodontal-Prosthesis Dentistry for over thirty-six years to specialists in training, in the birthplace of several of those disciplines. He has devoted his career to developing new, more effective, and less invasive ways to serve his patients. Learn more about Dr. Rose.

Dr. Rose will treat you with the same care and attention regardless of whether or not you plan to make our office your dental home or return to your regular dentist. To schedule your consultation, contact Periodontal & Implant Associates of Greater Washington in Chevy Chase, MD. If you have a time sensitive dental emergency, let us know and we'll get you an appointment as soon as possible.